Odour Elimination in Your Environment

OdourCleanse will help you eliminate nasty aromas such as cigarette and cigar smoke, vomit, pet smells, body stench, mustiness caused by mould and mildew in rooms, cars, caravans, on clothes as well as many other areas of discomfort caused by harmful bacteria.

We are an Australian Company that uses Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2), a safe natural bacteria destroying biocide that has been in continual use since its discovery in 1814 to overcome all the problems mentioned above.

Results achieved with this new method of odour elimination include:

* Mould being destroyed in bathrooms for months at a time.Unless the source of the contamination is eradicated.

* Smoke contaminated hotel rooms cleansed of this pollutant.

* Body stench removed from bedrooms (including from young adults' rooms).

* Sports gear cleansed.

* Incontinence smells removed aged care transport.

* Pet and cooking smells removed from houses, caravans and campers.

* Tobacco smoke removed from cars prior to sale or after purchase.

* Sewerage stench eliminated from a motel room after a breakage in a pipe (every other available avenue to get rid of this problem had failed).

* Removed the pungent aroma of the Asian tropical fruits 'Durian & Jackfruit' from a car.

* Smoke from house fires eliminated.

Other uses of this safe natural biocide in the community today include:

* Sanitising town water supplies.

* Hospitals for the destroying of harmful bacterias including E.Coli and staphylococci and other nasty bugs.

* Eradicating legionnaire's disease in commercial air conditioning systems.

* Protecting fresh meat, chicken, fish and fresh vegetables from bacterial contaminants during processing and shipment to market.

Chlorine Dioxide is approved for use by Food Standards Australia/New Zealand (FSANZ).

We invite you to read as we are sure that we can help you overcome your annoying and dangerous smelly problems.

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