AutoVaccine Pro

Anti-Bacterial Mould and Odour Destroyer for all types of Vehicles.

Safe and easy to use.

AutoVaccine Pro can be used in cars, RVs, caravans, buses, taxi and hire cars, new and used car dealers, rental cars, campervans, delivery trucks, emergency service vehicles and many more.

AutoVaccine Pro Eliminates:

* tobacco smoke residue

* odour causing bacteria creating health hazards for example penicillin caused by minute food scraps breaking down and becoming toxic.

* mould & mildew due to damp conditions

* pet odours

* vomit smells, spilt milk and body odour


volatile organic compounds (VOCs) e.g new car chemical smell.

* spills in the boot e.g. injector cleaner or fertilisers

What makes AutoVaccine Pro so effective?


* It's a safe, powerful and effective biocide.

* Has a deep penetrating vapour which seeks out and destroys the offending odour causing bacteria.

* Is not a cover up or odour masking product.

It is a small single use pack of safe natural ingredients which when a small amount of water is added generates a Chlorine Dioxide gas.

This gas creates a fogging effect which penetrates deep into all sections of the vehicle seeking out and destroying bacteria causing smells and odours leaving the vehicle sterilised and fresh.

The directions for use are very simple and are clearly indicated on the clamshell packet, but here are some extra tips that may help you get even better results.

Hints to help you achieve excellent results.

* We recommend that the vehicle is vacuumed out and cleaned prior to the use of our cleansing product.

* Park your vehicle in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. Hot direct sunlight will cause the gas to dissipate too quickly.

* Open the glove box, release the catches on the rear seats, and fold them forward exposing the boot area.

* Make sure all doors, windows and roof hatches are closed tight.

* Put all your sporting gear including putrid boots and personal body armour including crash helmets in the car so that they may be cleaned of potential Staph viruses.

* In the case of a caravan or RV open all cupboard doors and shower recess doors and close curtains.

By doing this the gas vapour will penetrate into all areas where bacteria especially mould may be growing.

Treat for 4 hours depending on the severity of the problem. For large RVs and caravans it may be necessary to use 2 separate clamshell units.

At the completion of the cleaning process open doors and windows and air the vehicle for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow the residual gas to disperse. Safely dispose of the clamshell into an outside garbage bin.

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Testimonials from happy clients:

I wanted to sell my car but was a smoker and knew that I would probably have to sell at a reduced price. I was recommended to use the AutoVaccine Pro overnight to solve the problem of the smoke smell. Guess what I sold the car and had the comment made that "It was great to finally buy a car that was from a non smoker" Damien...Cammeray Sydney

The lid of the container of injector cleaner was not done up sufficiently so it leaked into the carpet in the boot. No amount of washing with strong detergent solution could get rid of the obnoxious smell. Our overnight treatment with AutoCleanse Pro solved the problem, 6 months later the smell has still not returned. Jillian...Erina NSW

I rang the Bob at OdourCleanse and asked if he had a product for cars. I had previously trialled the RoomCleanse Pro on a smelly mattress in our warehouse. I wanted to buy a car for my daughter, however the one we liked was stinking with smoke and pet odours. I was informed that it would eliminate the problems so went back to the used car dealer and knocked him down $500, put the AutoVaccine Pro in the car and what a difference, no smell and totally fresh. The best investment of $29.50 I ever made. Chris...Bennetts Green Newcastle.

Last week my wife and I went away on our annual honeymoon reunion. I love fishing, but made the mistake of leaving the bait in the 4 wheel drive with disastrous results. All the way home I was reminded of the smell by my wife. That night I bought some AutoVaccine Pro and gave it try in the boot area. Much to my surprise it worked perfectly as I didn't think anything would remove the smell permanently. Looking forward to next years reunion minus the fishing. Jeff...Niagara Park Central Coast NSW

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