BoatCleanse Pro

Anti-Bacterial Mould and Odour Destroyer for Boats

Safe and easy to use.

BoatCleanse Pro is recommended for use in cruisers, yachts, houseboats, ferries, cruise ships, new and used boat sales offices on marinas and areas where sails and other gear may be stored.

This product eliminates:

* tobacco smoke residue

* cooking odours from kitchen areas

* mould and mildew

* volatile organic compounds (VOCs) leeching from plastic, lacquers or fibreglass hulls

* bilge odours

* sewerage smells from stagnant sea water in toilet bowls and pipes

*bait odours

* body odour smells from cramped poorly ventilated sleeping quarters

* sea sickness odours

* pet odours

What makes our product so effective?


* Is a safe, powerful and effective biocide.

* Has a deep penetrating vapour which seeks out and destroys the offending odour causing bacteria.

* is not a coverup or odour masking product.

The product is a small single use pack of safe natural ingredients, which when a small amount of water, is added generates a Chlorine Dioxide gas.

This gas creates a fogging effect which penetrates deep into all sections of the boat seeking out and destroying bacteria causing smells and odours leaving your boat sterilised and fresh.

The directions for use are very simple and are clearly indicated on the clamshell packet.

Hints to help you achieve excellent results

* We recommend that the boat is vacuumed and cleaned prior to the use of our cleansing product.

* For large boats with heavy tobacco smells, severe mould, mildew or bait pungent smells use 2 packets in separate clamshells.

* Open all interior doors, cupboard doors, drawers, fridge doors (if not in use), the bait box and engine bay area.

By doing this all the gas vapour will penetrate into all areas destroying bacteria which may not be visible to the naked eye.

* Close all curtains and make sure all exterior cabin doors, windows and hatches are closed. Never remain in the boat during the cleansing process.

Treat for 4-6 hours depending on the severity of the problem. For large boats and ferries it is advised to use several units of BoatCleanse Pro.

At the completion of the cleansing process open doors and windows and air the boat for at least 30 minutes to allow the residual gas to disperse.

Do not start your engine until it is completely aired. Safely dispose of the clamshell into an outside garbage bin.

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