Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most Frequently Asked Questions you might have about our products and provide the answers here. If you need additional information use the Contact Form to send a message.

1.When any of our products are activated it smells like Chlorine or bleach. Is Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) another name for these products?

Chlorine Dioxide is not chlorine or bleach, it is a chemical compound made up of one part natural chlorine and two parts oxygen (the formula Clo2). While chlorine dioxide does have that same "clean" or "crisp" smell that bleach and chlorine have (all are oxidant's which means that they oxidize the cell wall of a pathogen for kill) Clo2 is far more powerful and safer for you and the environment.

It is more effective against odour causing agents and, equally important it does not produce carcinogenic byproducts such as THM's (e.g. chloroform), as chlorine or bleach do.

Clo2 breaks down to salt and water, which is why, in lesser quantities; it can be safely used to purify drinking water.

2. Can I use these products to eliminate the odour out of my house, car and other spaces?

Use only the products formulated for the specific use. This is very important.

3. Why is this Clo2 more effective than other odour destroying products?

First, most products merely cover up odours with fragrances. Others are more effective products that are called surfactants (detergents) with fragrance added to depress the pungent chemical smells which eliminate a few bacteria but have little or no effect on a wide range of bacteria, and certainly not on viruses.

Don't be fooled when a product says it kills 99% of all bacteria. As bacteria live in colonies that range in the order of millions it's that 1% remaining that breed a super variety of that bacteria which becomes resistant to the surfactant chemical, hence the term 'Super Bug' (e.g. Golden Staph).

All our products are an approved broad-spectrum biocide. That means that it can safely and effectively be used to control & inhibit bacteria, mould, mildew and dangerous chemical compounds that cause odour. This is what really makes the difference.

4. Will the leftover Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) smell go away?

Now this is the most frequently asked question. We always recommend that you clean very well the affected area and dispose of any material that may have caused the odour. (e.g: vomit, milk spill, pet urine). Chlorine Dioxide breaks down and eliminates the odour causing bacteria. At the completion of the treatment light or even moving air through the room will rapidly decompose any remaining smell. What will be left is an ODOUR FREE AREA.

5. What should I know about safely using, handling and disposing of any OdourCleanse products?

When used as directed,

RoomCleanse Pro, AutoVaccine Pro, BoatCleanse Pro and are very safe to use. However, because Clo2 is an oxidant, like bleach, spilling the liquid onto cloth or carpet could cause discoloration. Each product is designed to be used as directed to reduce any problems.

A handy hint if using in a bathroom is to make sure that there are no wet or damp items in the room as staining can certainly occur.

Please be free to use the Contact Form. if you have any additional questions you would like answered.

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