OdourCleanse Slow Release Anti-Bacterial Mould and Odour Control

OdourCleanse Slow Release is a general purpose Anti-Bacterial Mould and Odour Control used to protect your valuable possessions when you are away for extended periods of time or when controlling odour causing bacteria around the home or workplace.

It relies on moisture in the air to activate the contents of the sachet to release small amounts of Chlorine Dioxide vapour which seeks out and destroys odours.

Where can I use OdourCleanse Slow Release?

* cars especially those stored for extended times covered by dust covers or in damp garages

* caravans especially those on-site at holiday parks where mould and mildew is prevalent

* campervans & RVs

* boats parked at moorings or marinas and left vacant for long periods.

* school libraries and change rooms

* country museums that have large collections of artifacts and that are only opened for one of two days a week.

* holiday houses that are locked up for extended periods of time

* specific areas in a house such as bathrooms, wardrobes, laundries, garage and storage areas

* workplaces such as offices, factories and shops

What makes our product so effective?


* Is a safe, powerful and effective natural biocide which is activated by the humidity in the atmosphere giving off a small amount of Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) gas vapour.

* Has a deep penetrating vapour which actively seeks out and destroys the offending odour causing bacteria

* Is not a coverup or odour masking product.

The gas creates a light fogging affect which penetrates deep into all sections of the area being cleansed seeking out and destroying bacteria causing smells and odours leaving the area sterilized and fresh.

The directions are very simple and are clearly indicated on the OdourCleanse Slow Release clamshell packet.

Hints to help you achieve excellent results?

* If a holiday home, on-site caravan,campervan or boat close all blinds and curtains to stop direct sunlight from entering the area being treated.

* If in a bathroom, wardrobe or any other confined area it may be hung in an upright position.

* Office odours place a sachet on the top of a cupboard.

* On a boat it is recommended to be hung off a hook from the ceiling due to wave movement affecting the balance of the boat.

* You can even mount one in your wheelie bin to cut down those pungent odours that sometimes emanate from these receptacles. Simply obtain one of those 'Invoice Enclosed' slips from an office supplier, cut a small hole out of the top section, slide in the white slow release pouch , peel off the back of the 'invoice enclosed label and stick it to the lid of the bin.

* One OdourCleanse Slow Release pouch is generally good for one season, however in the case of bathrooms where humidity is higher the pouch may have to be replaced more frequently to continue your odour control.

Dispose of the finished product in a garbage bin with your next garbage collection.

Testamonials from happy clients:

We used RoomCleanse Pro at home and was so impressed with the results that we put the slow release in our optometry rooms. Every morning we would open up the consulting rooms to be greeted with the smell of hamburgers and grease. It had seeped in through the ceiling, air fresheners did not work. The slow release fixed the problem overnight. It surprised us just how efficient the product was. Russ.. my specs @ cooranbong NSW

Our back office when we arrived for work the morning had the odour of a dead animal, despite trying plug in deodorisers the smell remained. On recommendation were tried the OdourCleanse Slow release, it works. Maria...Erina NSW

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