RoomCleanse Pro

Anti-Bacterial Mould and Odour Destroyer for Rooms

Safe and easy to use.

RoomCleanse Pro is recommended for use in Residential Houses, Villas, Flats, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Retirement Villages and Aged Care Hostels, Manufactured Homes, Backpacker Lodges, Pre Schools and Kindergartens, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Community Centres, Shops, Doctors' Surgeries, Vet Surgeries, Offices and many other enclosed areas where bacteria exists.

RoomCleanse Pro Eliminates:

* tobacco and house fire smoke residue

* mould and mildew

* musty odours

* pet odours

* spilt milk smells

* dead animal odours such as possums and rats in the roof or walls

* sewerage odours

volatile organic compounds (VOCs) e.g. new carpet smells

* odour causing bacteria and viruses such as E coli and Staphylococcus Aureus

* incontinence odours

* body odours

What makes our product so effective?

* It Is a safe, powerful and effective natural biocide in a sachet form, which when a small amount of water is added generates a Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) gas.

This gas creates a fogging effect which penetrates deep into all sections of the area being cleansed seeking out and destroying bacteria causing smells and odours leaving the room sterilised and fresh.

* Is not a cover up or odour masking product.

The directions are very simple and are clearly indicated on the RoomCleanse Pro clamshell packet.

Hints to help you achieve excellent results.

* We recommend that the area is vacuumed and cleaned prior to the use of our cleansing product.

* All windows and doors are securely closed with the air conditioning turned off or the vents covered.

* In the case of a hotel room or similar room where an ensuite is attached, draw all the curtains, open all cupboard drawers and wardrobe doors along with the door leading into the ensuite. This is important as it allows the vapour to move into all areas without hindrance.

* All bedding is left in the existing position. The vapour will destroy any smoke molecules in the fabric without causing any damage to the fibres.

* As an added bonus put everyone's sporting gear in the room especially all the smelly sports shoes as the Chlorine Dioxide vapour will deodorise these at the same time.

* Leave Gen Y bedrooms as they are and just let the vapour cleanse everything. You'll be amazed at the difference.

Treat for 4 hours depending on the severity of the problem. For large rooms such as a home unit the use of several clamshell units may be necessary for maximum effect.

At the completion of the cleansing process open doors and windows and air the area for at least 30 minutes to allow the residual vapour to disperse.

If in a hotel room that has secure windows because of its height above ground level it is recommended a fan be used to air the room.

Safely dispose of the clamshell into an outside garbage bin.

Testimonials from happy clients:

Since moving into my unit 6 years ago I have had an ongoing problem with mould in the bathroom. As the bathroom faces south and never receives any direct sunlight, the tile grout develops mould and needs to be cleaned every 3 weeks. I have tried many different cleaning agents including undiluted bleach but nothing has kept it clean for more than 3 weeks.

I tried RoomCleanse Pro and to my pleasant surprise it has now been almost 3 months and still no sign of any mould. I am very impressed with this product and will definitely continue to use it if and when any mould returns. Laurie Faulkner.. Newcastle NSW

We were offered a trial sample of RoomCleanse Pro before it was released on the market in Australia. Our problem was a sewerage odour in one of our motel rooms. Plumbing work had been carried out and a leak had occurred, for months the room could not be used due to the odour and every product used known to man only masked the smell.

The sample was used exactly as per instructions and practically overnight the smell disappeared and the room has been used ever since. As soon as RoomCleanse Pro was released we purchased more product in case of a tobacco smoke residue a non smoking room. Barry.. Motel Owner Holbrook NSW

I have a house in the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast and over this last summer had a considerable amount of torrential rain with the result that mould and mildew was rampant in the house and adjoining flat. Nothing seemed to work to kill the mould and sickness was rife through the family.

I heard about the OdourCleanse products and decided to give it a go. First on the caravan sitting it the driveway which was riddled with mould, it worked perfectly in getting rid of the putrid mouldy smell so I decided to sterilise the house. My son lived in the flat and was amazed at the change. 5 months later the mould has shown no signs of regrowth, however as a precaution have installed the slow release version in the flat and other parts of the house. I would certainly recommend the OdourCleanse products as it worked. Phil.. Sunshine Coast QLD.

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