Car Odours Can Damage Your Health!

No matter what size or shape of your vehicle they all suffer from smelly car odours sometime in their life.

These smelly car odours can come in many forms, tobacco smoke, spilt milk, vomit, toxic chemicals leaching out of plastics used in today's modern cars, mould and mildew or penicillin growth due to minute scraps of food that have fermented in an ideal growing climate.

Mildew, mould and penicillin growth is dangerous to children as the spores created by these growths tends to float around the vehicle getting into the respiratory passages causing breathing difficulties.

Most people don't consider the dirty state of their vehicle in assessing the reason why breathing problems are occurring within their family.

The use of Ozone machines to eliminate car odours is not recommended and further research should be undertaken as to their suitability for use.

More information about air purifiers and ozone machines and their potential side effects can be found on We recommend cleaning the vehicle thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and then treating it with AutoVaccine Pro and you will be sure to eliminate all possible areas where bacteria and mould spores can grow.

A classic example of overcoming a very smelly car comes from Florida where a gentleman bought a new Bentley sedan. He parked it in a car park at his marina and went off fishing for a couple of days. Because it had been very hot he left the windows down slightly to allow cool air to circulate.

On his return he opened the car and was met with the smell of rotten fish. Someone had slid fine pieces of fish through the slightly open window and onto the new leather upholstery. The insurance company was not amused and were reluctant to pay for the very expensive replacement of the upholstery as well as replacement of the headlining, carpet etc.

He decided to contact an upholsterer friend of his for a second opinion and was recommended to use a new product which generated Chlorine Dioxide to eliminate the putrid smell. Several treatments of this new product called

Auto Vaccine was used over a couple of days to eliminate the odours that had even penetrated into all the vents, carpets trims and head lining. It worked so well that the Bentley owner gave the upholsterer a substantial tip.

Other testimonials from clients include putting AutoVaccine Pro in a smokers car that was being sold and having the purchaser make the comment that "it was good to purchase a vehicle from a non smoker".

Another client wanted to buy a car from a Newcastle NSW car yard but was turned off by the smoke and pet odours, he contacted us and inquired as to whether it would eliminate this terrible odour. He was advised it would, so went back to the dealer and knocked a considerable sum of money off the price, set a unit of off in the car and bingo!... problem solved in several hours later.

People who own pets become used to the smell of their pets and it is only when a friend tells them that their vehicle stinks that they will try to overcome the problem.

We recommend that you have a look at the AutoVaccine Pro page.

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