What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

OdourCleanse and their product range are a modern day application of Chlorine Dioxide which was discovered by Sir Humphrey Day in 1814 and is considered the safest of all natural biocides.

Up until recently it was only available for use in on-site units on industrial and commercial premises. The cost of production and installation of the units was high so it was naturally limited to large ventures.

Some of these uses included sanitising town water supplies,swimming pools, destroying Legionnaire's disease in air conditioning systems, protecting fresh meat, poultry products, ice production, smallgoods manufacturing, seafood and fresh vegetables from bacteria growth during processing and shipment to market.

It is also used in dentistry and the medical field as well as in the veterinary field for the treatment of Bird Flu and other diseases in animals. The use of it in the fine fogging of poultry helps in overcoming that deadly disease Aspergillosis.

Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) is approved for use by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Clo2 is not Chlorine or bleach. It is a chemical compound made up of one part natural chlorine and two parts oxygen (Clo2).While it does have the same 'clean' or 'crisp' smell that Chlorine or bleach have it is far more powerful and safer for you and the environment.

Clo2 is more effective against odour causing bacteria and equally important it does not produce carcinogenic by products such as THM's as chlorine and bleach does. Once treatment is concluded it breaks down to salt and water, which is why it can also be used safely in small tablet form by hikers and campers to purify creek water.

Most conventional sanitisers/disinfectants try to kill the micro organisms by poisoning them, however not all are destroyed and those that survive develop an immunity to these forms of sanitisers and disinfectants. Hence super bugs develop such as Golden Staph and most recently in Australia "Clostridium Difficile". Clo2 kills these deadly diseases.

About 12 years ago the University of Columbus in OHIO combined with students and academics to set up in their incubator unit a small development cell to make a small individual sachet of Chlorine Dioxide which when a small amount of water was added created a vapour of gas that penetrated a whole enclosed area destroying cells of bacteria.

The new pack was originally going to be used in the transport industry for the fogging of trucks laden with vegetables or flowers going to market. This fogging would destroy any airborne bacteria which may be picked up en route to market, therefore keeping the product fresh.

It was then that a myriad of other uses were found for this new odour destroying sachet as it offered a safe, effective, portable on-site Chlorine Dioxide technology without the need for electricity.

We invite you to peruse our other sections on this website to see just how OdourCleanse can help you overcome any odour problems. None of our range is a masking agent or an odour absorbing compound.

Our products are manufactured in Australia, USA, Europe and Japan and comply with EPA regulations.

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