Is Your Hotel Room Odour Free And Smelling Clean And Fresh?

Removing hotel room odours is one of the hardest jobs that accommodation establishments have to tackle on a daily basis, whether it is tobacco smoke, food smells, sick clients or body odour.

Staff have about 30 minutes to clean a room and prepare it for another guest. This is made more difficult if clients leave the room in a smelly and putrid state.

Although smoking is not allowed in the majority of rooms in Australia clients still smoke out on balconies or landings with the door wide open.

Apart from the smoke drifting back into the room the bigger problem is that smoke penetrates into the skin, hair and clothes of the client.

As soon as the client sits down on a chair or lies on the bed this pungent odour is transferred to the fabric of the bed, pillows, blankets curtains and chairs.

I, personally, carry my own pillow because of the number of times I have stayed at motels with smoke riddled pillows.

How many times have clients requested to be moved out of a room because of lingering tobacco smells or that they are allergic to the musty damp smell of Ozone cleansing?

It is a very costly and time consuming exercise to re-do rooms or have clients moved to other rooms, often to be upgraded.

The most common practice that has been used in the past to get rid of hotel room odours is to use Air Purifiers or Ozone Machines, however staff must not be in the room when these machines are operating as they constitute a breach of OH&S Regulations for that establishment. Ozone exposure can cause breathing difficulties, throat irritation, coughing, chest pain and lung inflammation.

More information about air purifiers and ozone machines and their potential side effects can be found on

There is another way of eliminating these smells that is inexpensive, that does not use any power and is a proven destroyer of odour causing bacteria, mould, mildew, chemicals, tobacco smoke, vomit and body odour. That product is RoomCleanse Pro from our OdourCleanse range.

OdourCleanse has helped a number of hotels and motels overcome serious odour problems with two notable ones being a 5 star hotel suite being left in a putrid condition. For 5 days they tried to overcome the revolting smells using every known method of sanitation control, most only masked the problem. We solved their dilemma within hours with RoomCleanse Pro. One other was a motel in country NSW where they had a major sewerage smell in a deluxe room. Plumbing maintenance work had been carried out and a leakage had occurred, again every type of cleaning and deodorising product had been tried but to no avail. We suggested they treat the room with RoomCleanse Pro. A week later we received a call to say that they were now able to rent the room out. This motel now recommends our products.

No matter what hotel room odour problems you have it is always recommended to try RoomCleanse Pro. If it's a problem in a heavy traffic area such as a hallway leading to rooms, then our newly released Breathe Ezi could be your answer.

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