Odour Control in Water Damaged Cars

There are a considerable number of water damaged cars around at the moment with many being pulled from rivers, creeks, flooded roadways and underground carparks.

A number of these cars have been written off by the insurance companies and have been sold at auction. Some have found their way into used car sales yards or have been sold as repairable write offs.

Not all have been subjected to immersion as cars left outside in the open often end up with weathered seals that crack and dry out resulting in water seeping into the interior of the car.

No matter what happens these cars become very smelly as mould and mildew starts to grow in carpets and seats. In some instances where sewerage is mixed with flood waters E.Coli and other nasty diseases may be in the car.

The only way to solve the smelly problem is to take all the interior seats, the carpet and underlay and thoroughly clean them.

It is also recommended that the trims be removed and cleaned out and dried, a good coating of odourless fish oil on the interior of the door skins will help to prevent rust forming. This is especially the case with cars from the country where a considerable amount of dust builds up in the car.

Once the car interior has been re-assembled it is recommended that you use AutoVaccine Pro to kill any mould and other odour causing bacteria that may be still in the car.

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